Carol Randy

Spoiled, Scheming and Sinister - A Formula for Foul Play

Easy credit and the desire to have everything now are temptations that catapult millions into an abyss called debt. Climate of Deceit delves into desperation and the extreme measures some people will take to escape it.

The discovery of a dead man shot in an apparent suicide sets the stage for a series of events that will leave a family in disarray. Lies, jealousy and money all play a role in this mystifying whodunit punctuated by callous disregard of family and calculated murder.

It isn't the obvious that leads Doctor John Knight to the trail of the perpetrators. It is his long-standing ability to read people and their behavior patterns that helps him siphon the fallicies from the truth to discover who killed his friend.


Carol Randy has once again featured psychiatrist John Knight as the amateur sleuth. Climate of Deceit is the third book in a suspense series set in Colorado. The first is Countermeasures and the second, Perilous Summer.

"Working from devilishly clever plots, the dramas unfold with twists and turns that only master storytellers could make believable."
Clifford Stevens, former Executive Editor of The Priest, author of 12 books.

From Midwest Book Review 
Climate of Deceit by the collaborative team of Carol Kluz and Randy Sue Morris (writing together under the name Carol Randy) is a superbly crafted murder mystery filled with betrayals, jealousy, greed, and lies. Doctor John Knight must trail the perpetrators, relying on his skills and abilities to read people and their behavior patterns to sift through people's expressions, voice, and body language to learn the truth of what they say. Yet when a connection surfaces between his family and that of the murder victim, the hunt becomes personal.

Climate of Deceit is a gripping, tense thriller.


Climate of Deceit , a trade paperback, can be ordered through  most online and regular bookstores.
ISBN: 0595203361 -  229 pages - $14.95

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